QuickBooks is a complete app, and it is self-sufficient to help you in completing different accounting and tax-related tasks. There are various advantages of this advanced software which makes it stand out from the crowd and that’s why it has currently more than 4.5 million users all over the globe.

QuickBooks accounting software comes in different editions and some of its editions have industry-specific versions as well. The developers of Quickbooks knew that they need to fulfill the varied accounting needs of different accounting professionals and businesses, and therefore they launched different versions and editions of the software, by keeping different accounting needs in mind.

But there are many business owners who wish to have further customization in their QB software and they also wish to enhance the productivity of their software by a mile. For such people, the feature of integrating add-ons with the QuickBooks accounting software comes as a savior.

So, let’s check out the different add-ons which you can integrate with your QuickBooks accounting software in order to further customize it or enhance its productivity.

Apps for tracking expenses and paying bills


This add-on offers receipt and mileage tracking with company card reconciliation. It is the only expense management partner of the AICPA and CPA.com and it has been specially designed for accountants and employees.


By using this add-on, you can pay and receive bills from and by your clients, within the QuickBooks accounting software app. It will help you in digitizing your payment system and making it more secure.


The deep integration feature of this app helps you to make quick, safe and easy payments. Just log in into Plooto and start managing multiple transactions in just a single click. It’s a great app for payment.

Apps for invoicing your customers


If you wish to automate your accounts receivable then this is the best add-on for you. It also reclaims your admin time, which is a great advantage. You can use it for maintaining a precise cash flow as well.

QuickBooks Payment

Smart e-invoices and free bank transfer feature of the QuickBooks Payment saves both time and money. It also has a special feature of automatic bookkeeping which saves you a lot of time.

QuickBooks with Gmail

Although this is not an add-on but combining the power of Gmail with QB can give you great results. After integrating the QuickBooks with Gmail, you will be able to send and receive invoices directly from Gmail.

Apps for employee management


It is the only time tracking add-on which simplifies the system of managing your employees to a great extent. By using any device and any location, you can easily track the time of your employees.


You will just have to use a mobile app for tracking the location and time of your employees. You can also use the feature of scheduling your workforce with an easy GPS time tracking facility.

Be wise while choosing the add-on from the above-mentioned list because a surfeit of add-ons on your QuickBooks app can also slow it down and cause problems in its various functions. Therefore, choose only those software solutions, which are useful for your business.


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