Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing

If you are running a business of your own, then it is very important for you to invest all your marketing money well and carefully. Yes, you need to attract the customers and keep your existing clients engaged, but you can’t take the risk of investing in something that doesn’t provide you with the adequate result.

An email marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective solutions that give you the access to reach your customers to a place that are visited by the people almost every day- their mail inbox.

Now, let us understand what is Email marketing? Well, it is a type of direct marketing that includes sending business promotional messages through electronic mail to a group of prospects and customers. It is widely used around the world by various businesses for the acquisition of new customers, creating brand awareness, and increasing the sales, as well as developing trust and loyalty among the customers.

The demand for email marketing is still growing, despite the increasing popularity of newer marketing techniques such as social networks and text messages. Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses of various sizes and ventures. However, those who are unfamiliar with this concept of marketing may not easily understand its importance. So, here are the top 5 reasons why email marketing is seen as the most effective marketing platform:

  • Low Costs

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is its low running cost as compared to other marketing mediums. There is no requirement of any print costs or postage costs and no fees paid in the exchange for the exposure for a certain billboard, magazine or television channel. Email marketers can also consider the option of investing in specialist software to automate, track and evaluate their emails. The only thing here is that you will have to send thousands of emails at a time, but the cost incurred would be far lower than other traditional marketing mediums.

  • Reach an existing customer

You won’t believe that email marketing is one of the only channels that consumers prefer to receive. The majority of the businesses using this platform to only send messages to those who have shown a certain interest in the product or service and to those who have signed to receive such emails. This gives a great boost to the conversion rate as the company is targeting those who have shown an interest in their brand.

  • Boost Revenue

Email marketing is a great platform for taking advantage of impulse buying. There are very few marketing platforms that allow the customers to go from witnessing an offer for the purchase of an item within two clicks of the button. With an appropriate and engaging call to action and a link straight to the checkout, email marketing can boost sales like no other marketing channel.

  • Easy to get started

Another key benefit of email marketing is that it does not require a huge team of technicians in order to be successful. It’s certainly possible to fill out an email campaign with fancy templates, video, images, and logos. However, most of the successful campaign only uses simple plain text emails, proving that it’s the very content of an email that is most important of all.

  • Easy to measure

In email marketing, it is very easy to track your result and see where you are going wrong. Most of the email marketing software will allow you to track open, click through and conversion rates, making it simple to spot the areas of the campaign that need to be improved.


difference between traditional and modern accounting

The Difference Between Traditional And Modern Accounting

If you are a tech lover then you must be aware of the benefits of the cloud technology on which websites, social media platforms, storages and app development are based. Cloud technology has transformed many sectors and accounting is also one of them.

But even in this technologically advanced era, many people are still stuck to the traditional method of accounting, which involves pen and papers or maybe an accounting software installed on the local desktop of the user.

So, to make things clear, we have included some major differences between the traditional accounting procedure and modern accounting methods.


In order to access your traditional accounting solution, you will have to go to your office and then use your local desktop and therefore the traditional accounting methods restrict you from having access to your file and folders stored in the accounting software while you are on the go or out of office.

But the modern accounting technology allows you to access your files and folders from anywhere because everything is stored on the cloud and you can access it just through a device, internet access, and login details.


Your traditional accounting solution makes your important financial data vulnerable because it is stored on the local hard disk and anyone with evil intentions can easily steal your data and then use it for illegal means.

While on the other side, the modern accounting solution offers safety features like anti-virus, encrypted messages, anti-malware, and double authentication, etc. All these things make your data ultra-secure. So with your software on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial data of your business


The continuity of your business is one of the most important things which you need to keep in mind. But if you will go for the traditional accounting solution, then you won’t be able to maintain the speed as downtime can occur at a frequent basis in your business.

But the cloud accounting solution comes with an inbuilt feature of high uptime. The hosting providers in the case of cloud accounting solutions offer a high rate of uptime, almost equal to 99.95%. So if you have the cloud solution in your pocket, then you don’t have to worry about the unexpected pauses which hamper your business on a large scale.


If you are going for the old and traditional accounting solutions, then it might burn a hole in your pocket as they require maintenance on a large scale and you may also need to hire an IT team for handling the day to day IT issues occurring in your premise.

But as the cloud accounting solution arrives in your market, it kicks out all your IT issues as the hosting provider takes control of all your IT problems and solve them through experts, without any extra cost.

So, the cloud accounting solution which is the modern way of doing accounting is surely more advantageous than the traditional accounting method. There are lots of advantages offered by the modern accounting method and that’s what makes it a perfect choice.

Challenges for small business

4 Major Challenges For Small Business Owners

According to the statistics given in the Small Business Bulletin, small businesses are now creating more jobs than the giant businesses. The number of small businesses by 2016 was near to 28.8 million and they cover 99.7% of all the businesses in the US alone.

The trend of entering into the industry as a small business is widely spreading and now with the power of technology and the internet, these small businesses are not only surviving in the industry but they are also giving tough competition to the giant players.

But even with so many small businesses entering into the industry, they still have to face some major challenges, and many of the startups fail in facing and conquering such challenges. And therefore, only 30% of the businesses are able to survive till the 10th year.

There are many challenges which small businesses need to overcome in order jump to from the 70% of failed businesses to the 30% of successful businesses and we are going to discuss these major challenges in this article.

Confined time

It is true that no one can add even a single second to the 24 hours of your day but the small business owners always think they could do so. With too many balls hanging in the air at one time, you need to prioritize your tasks according to their importance otherwise you will end up finishing nothing even while working for 15-16 hours a day. Devote your time accordingly and make your every second of work productive because being an entrepreneur is not that easy, and especially when it comes to time management.

Cash flow management

The biggest obstacle between a small business owner and success is the cash flow management. Delayed client’s payment, unplanned outgoings, and outstanding payments, all these things pile up between the small business owner and a proper cash flow management. But the good news is that the cash flow issues can be easily cured. All you need is proper planning, right employees and the perfect tools. There are many solutions which have been designed for better invoicing and budgeting.

Local and Online competition

Both local and online competitions are a big challenge for small business owners and therefore they should look for different ways through which they can differentiate their product and services from other similar firms. For example, if you are running a bookstore stop, then you will face tough competition from all those players who are offering larger inventory with an intense marketing campaign.

Matching growth with quality

It’s a very common story; you celebrate the arrival of a big client and the next day, you may struggle to fulfill their high quality needs. For most of the small businesses, growth comes with pain. In many situations, you will find yourself focusing on the growth while asking your employees to do the same or trying to cut the corner. But none of the above solutions are ideal as you will have to find a way through which you can find a way to growth without hampering your business.

Continuing a small business is not as easy as starting one. You need to have patience, right mindset, good employees and precise strategies under your sleeves in order to win the game.

tips for eCommerce business

Make Your eCommerce Business A Hit With These Tips

In the year 2017, more than 206 million people spent money on the eCommerce business. This gigantic number makes eCommerce the best place for people looking to start a new journey in a field where opportunities pop up like raindrops.

Commerce is one of the best and most opportunistic places for entrepreneurs. With more and more people turning towards online shopping, there are many ways through which people with even a smaller budget can capitalize on this opportunity and make the best of it.

But more opportunities attract more people and therefore while being a very productive field, it has also become a very competitive industry and therefore you need to enter in this field with the right tools which we will discuss in this blog post.

Choose an attractive name

The first thing which you will need to do is to choose an attractive name which can be easily printed in the mind of people and which could be easily searched. You don’t need to choose a name which always represents your products unless you are dealing with a particular set of products. You should also make sure that the name which you are going to use isn’t being used by any other business present on the internet. After choosing a name, make sure that you have registered it.

Design the most perfect website

There are two aspects of designing a good website for eCommerce business; one is a good looking website which can be easily browsed and the next one is its smoothness. You can analyze other eCommerce websites while designing yours as it will give you a definitive structure of your website and will help you to steer your designing mode in a better direction. For the second part of the website, you need to make sure that your website is smooth, lightning fast at loading and without any bugs.

Find good vendors

Coming up with a completely new product while launching an eCommerce business is very difficult and your competitors selling the same products as yours is more likely to happen. Therefore, instead of differentiating yourself on the basis of type of product, you should make your eCommerce business unique through feasible pricing and offers. For achieving such uniqueness, you need to find the right vendors.

Always be available to your customers

One of the main parts of an eCommerce business is its customer service. Without a good customer service, you won’t be able to survive in the industry for long because ecommerce is a type of business in which the customer regularly interacts with the owner and therefore by being available for your customer, you will be able to have a competitive edge over other players in the industry. Have a tight and responsive interaction system with your customers and never leave them alone when they are trying to inquire about something.

If you are planning to start an ecommerce business then these tips can really help you to get the expected results.

role of social media to develop business

How to master social media for your business?

You might be considering social media as a platform to get connected with other people who have the same taste as yours, but the same social media can be used as a powerful business tool as well.

With more than 3 billion people using the social media in the current period, you can consider this platform as a separate digital world which has its own rules, followers, people with different race and religion and therefore with a such a gigantic audience base, it can prove to be a great opportunity for businesses that are looking to expand their firm and leave a footprint on the global market.

So, let’s look at the tips which can help you master social media in such a way that you can use it as an advantage for your business.

Be unique while promoting your brand

You will find thousands of videos, pictures, and gifts on the social media and most of them are a medium to promote one’s brand, but only some of them are able to pick your interests. Have you ever thought why this happens?

The basic reason for this is that a particular video or picture is unique and has lots of attractive attributes. You also need to apply the same method while promoting your brand on social media platforms. Don’t just go with a simple ad which can be seen in every street on every day. Create something unique and approach your potential and target customers with a different style.

Build a reputation

One of the main reasons for the failure of the social media strategies adopted by businesses all around the world is that they are not able to build a solid reputation on the digital platform. But building a strong reputation is not a tedious task as you don’t need lakhs of followers on Twitter or millions of views on your YouTube channel to do it.

If you are a local business owner then instead of starting with a global approach, you should first need to target your local customers and that’s how you will be able to successfully build a good reputation on social media sites. Build a logo, picture ad or video which will match with the essence of your brand and which will create the same awareness which you have perceived in your mind.

Interact with your customers and clients

One of the best advantages of the social media marketing strategy is that you are able to interact with your customer in as real-time basis. By taking advantage of such feature, you can easily take feedback, know about their issues and demands without the need of any mediator or lengthy process.

Don’t just start a campaign and wait for an increase in your website traffic or footfall rather be active and try to attend each and every call from your customer as it will help you to know the market better and that’s how you will be able to enhance, modify or change your strategy.

Being a business owner in the 21st century means that you need to make the internet a major part of your firm’s strategy because without it, your presence in the tough race of competition will become questionable.

Fame Game looks for reality tv

FameGame Looking For Reality TV

If one is looking for investment then the pre-social media era of the early 2000 American idol might look like an odd place.  But it is also noticeable that how these types of shows became a big hit and became a part of the live social commentary.

The FameGame team is looking forward to answer all the buzzing questions through their app which is being expected to give rebirth to the live reality TV on your Smartphone. The new launch will involve a mix of American idol, and HQ Trivia with young talents who are looking to make a name on the social media and earn gold and cash.

The CEO of FameGame, Alexndra Botez, realized the importance of this concept after streaming on Twitch where he played chess and came to know that how to bring the potential  viewers to the less gaming-focused verticals.

The CEO of FameGame said “We thought that the interactivity of live gaming could also be applied to make conventional TV more entertaining,” Botez tells TechCrunch. “We think and Instagram are pretty big so it’s hard for them to change their infrastructure in such a way that they make the type of immersive experience that we’ve created with FameGame.”

The game of fame is played by FameGame through allowing users to upload a Smartphone video f their talent.  The challenges change according to the week but one competitor can focus on dancing while other can focus on rap or maybe magic tricks. After a  particular time, the users can check what has been uploaded and they can also see the number of votes for their favorite uploads.

You might think that it is all for the cash prize but you should know that the main aim behind this concept is social validation. Talking about the other prizes of the game, the winner will also get a shoutout from celebrities on The concept of the FameGame, its rules, and other systems might look like  HQ Trivia but the live voting adds a more community vibe to the platform.

The CTO of FameGame, Ruben Mayer-Hirshfeld told to Techcrunch that  “We decided to go with young teenage girls because they are really obsessed with becoming famous on social media and they spend a lot of time on posting videos and not necessarily getting the gratification that they might want,”

samsung galaxy a6

Samsung Galaxy A6- An Expensive Offering with Mid-Range Features

With the launching of new Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+, Samsung is trying to achieve the center place between economical and mid-range Smartphones. These devices are interesting that comes with various features and have the potential to be the perfect phone for a certain kind of consumers. Before we decide who should consider buying the junior version of Samsung A6+, a short introduction of the Galaxy A6 is in order.

As noted above, the Galaxy A6 is interesting and the fact that makes it a market favorite is the price along with other features like- it has an infinity display and a metal build. But the question arises- How much does Samsung sacrifice in other areas in order to be offered at this price tag?

Let us find out the answer in our review.

The Galaxy A6 has a compact and comfortable body and it is perfect for people with average-sized hands. The metal built on the phone simply adds excellence to the look and gives it a premium feel. Of course, the downside to this feature is how easy it is for the user to drop the device.

The fingerprint scanner is made in a way that it is placed at the back, below the rear camera. Although reaching the fingerprint sensor is easy, but there’s again one problem. After tapping the scanner, the phone takes several seconds to unlock the device. The time it takes to unlock your phone is too long especially when you wait for more than a second, and it is one common disadvantage the Galaxy A6+ suffers from as well.


The Galaxy A6 is featured by 5.6-inch Super AMOLED infinity display, but not exactly everything it could be. For example, the Always On Display Feature is missing, despite it being available on the A6+. The screen also doesn’t look sharp. The HD+ resolution is good, but it is expected to have more features for that price tag.

The color on the A6 display is what you can expect from an AMOLED panel, though it is not so bright and sparkling. You have entire range of customization panels for the screen mode in the display setting. There is AMOLED Cinema or Basic, and you can also switch between a cool and warm look for the entire screen.


The 16-megapixel camera that comes with Galaxy A6 takes pictures with utmost clarity and precision with plenty of detail and pretty colors and sound lighting. This range of phone is decent, and its feature of dedicated HDR mode can make it even better. And while the camera app feels responsive in saving pictures, the lack of image stabilization means that a little movement can make the photos look blur and unclear. It is expected that in not-so-good lighting, the pictures will come with less detail. However, enabling the night mode helps in taking better pictures in low light conditions, but it can take a few seconds for the camera to capture so you have to hold the phone steady.

The Galaxy A6 is a decent phone but it is not for those who value performance or battery life. It is for people who would like to own a premium build, easy to use software and the peace of mind that comes from owning a phone from a reputed company like Samsung. Even then it is too expensive for most customers.

The Galaxy A6 is interesting and the fact that makes it a market favorite is the price along with other features like- it has an infinity display and a metal build. But the question arises- How much does Samsung sacrifice in other areas in order to be offered at this price tag? 

Digital marketing a lifeline for online business

Digital Marketing- A Boon for Startup Online Businesses

Marketing is a protocol to create awareness among masses about the quality of your product or service, which can eventually lead to lead generation or sales. With the Internet of late has become a reliable and convenient alternative for business transaction in large scale, the concept of digital marketing is subtly emerged. The process of this novel marketing resembles the conventional one with the major difference that it uses the Internet and other forms of media to create a level of demand for your product. This type of marketing not only helps in promoting your brand but it also enables your business to increment clientele base. There is a revelation that a renowned digital marketing company not only uses the Internet to promote your brand, but also takes assistance from other types of media like television, radio, cellular communication and newspapers to showcase the activities of your business.

Scope of Services

For those unaware, the digital marketing company is an entity that uses creativity and technology to advertise your products and services to your target audience on a global level. Such company is capable of offering manifold services that can provide competitive edge to your business within a very short span of time. Service offerings may include market planning, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, web design and development, content writing, conversion rate optimization, usability testing, banner advertising and online reputation management. If reports are to be believed, majority of such entities are providing the aforesaid services, which are instrumental to increase the sales and revenue of any web-based business. Though the process of marketing is new but it is constantly changing and evolving, resulting in quick increase in the level of demand for your product or service in the market.

Manifest Brand Visibility

It is interesting to note that the Internet is mushroomed with numerous digital marketing companies with varied sizes to help business enterprises to consolidate their presence on the World Wide Web. All you need is to choose an entity that specializes in delivering services that are in sync with the latest marketing principles. No doubt, this form of marketing is relatively inexpensive but it has the audacity to leave an indelible mark when it comes to promoting your brand in the market. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that web-based businesses of all sizes use it as a panacea for success with minimum and trivial expense.

Digital marketing services transform the process of advertising and helps businesses to reach out to audience on a global level. The right marketing campaign also help get the considerable rights whether it is leads, traffic or the potential conversions.

features of apple macbook pro

Your Next Business Computing Solution Should be MacBook Pros

When it comes to supply your business with the best, most reliable technology, you are faced with one simple question- Apple laptops or Windows laptops? Before you get overwhelmed, you need to learn about the various features offered by MacBook Pro laptops and know why some companies prefer them to traditional PCs.

Why Companies Do not Prefer Windows Laptops?

For companies who have a vast IT staff, a Windows laptop doesn’t get the similar appreciation as a MacBook Pro. Depending on the manufacturer, the quality of PC can vary invariably. Without doing meticulous research work and sifting through extensive buyer’s guides, you may choose a whole gamut of subpar PCs that will simply leave you spending money on software, upgrades, and extra staff just to get all the features your company needs.

Additionally, most PCs come equipped with a trial of anti-virus software which isn’t ideal for companies seeking for extended computing solution. You can invest additional time and money installing security software.

It isn’t limited to this, though. You must also track necessary updates, ensure that the program is built to protect your information from the latest cyber threats, and possibly take a loss when it is needed to perform system maintenance.

Reasons why MacBook Pros are Perfect for Businesses

For the reasons explained above, companies have the tendency to move away from traditional Windows laptops in favor of the MacBook Pro. Explore the various features offered by this Apple laptop and know why it has been preferred by business corporates over other options.

MacBook Pro Outshines the Reliability of the PC

Apple computers are the superior and most popular for their reliability and longevity in the tech world. If you get an Apple computer today and maintain it properly, you can expect to have it with you for years with no issues.

Top-Quality Photo and Video Editing

Whether your business puts more focus on the design or you simply want to keep your business asset creation in-house, MacBook Pro is perfect for any photo or video task you want to do. Come equipped with the industry standard Final Cut Pro X, this system is capable of editing multi-projects with up to three streams of videos.

Guaranteed Better Security

The highly portable design of MacBook Pro comes with exciting fingerprint sensors to quickly and accurately allow authorized users to access the system and keep the unauthorized users out from this. There are no safety measures needed like passwords or smart cards to manage. Security is inbuilt in to the system at every level, making this a unique option for companies having smaller IT teams.

The Bottom Line

As experts have the preference towards feature-rich laptops in exchange for mass-produced PCs, the MacBook Pro is the all-inclusive system that becomes the clear winner in the battle of computing power. Between its security, reliability and best-in-class editing programs, the MacBook Pro is the best choice for business owners who seek to avail the most from their tech investment.

Summary: MacBook Pro is one of the most viable computing options for companies who have a large number of IT staff. It comes with great features that make it one of the best options among PC lovers. The system is also the perfect choice for any photo and video task.

wordpress helps ecommerce websites

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Small Ecommerce Business?

The scope of WordPress is wide and it is no more restricted to being a simple publishing platform. It has attained a position of one of the most powerful CMS. A couple of reputed technology websites have been using WordPress as a platform for their website. Initially, a lot of people wonder whether it’s wise to use WordPress for an e-commerce website. Thanks to WooCommerce, the scenario has changed over the time and WordPress has become a favorite platform for numerous ecommerce store owners.

So what are the key aspects that make WordPress a popular choice amongst them? Let us discuss about them in brief:

Easy to Use

WordPress is extremely easy to install, configure and use. In the past, if you have tried your hands on creating blogs with WordPress you must be aware that it is very easy to create an account and add blogs on it. There is no necessary that one should know coding in order to create a website with WordPress. However, if you have special demands for website development, you can engage the service of professionals who provide with WordPress customization services and create a website that suits your specific needs exactly to your business requirements. WordPress enables you to monitor sales, add products and provides you all the documents you need so that you can manage your WordPress store effortlessly.

Save on Fees

Most of the ecommerce platforms charge a monthly transaction fee for hosting your ecommerce store. With small business owners, this is really a problem to pay any additional charge until the targeted sales are achieved. With WordPress, this doesn’t happen. When you work with WordPress, you have to pay only for what you need. Undoubtedly, it is the best for startup online business.

SEO Friendly

WordPress has been initiated as the basic blogging tool. It comes with all the features one needs to get their eCommerce site ranked on Google. This makes it highly SEO friendly and perfect for the business owners who want to drive in more and more traffic. With other ecommerce platforms, it is difficult to fetch traffic easily. WordPress has the potential to handle several SEO related problems. You only need to provide high quality content and WordPress will deal with the rest.

Offers Product Customization

Products are the important part of any ecommerce store. Moreover, store owner keeps on updating their product range at regular intervals. It can get confusing if there are complex products like clothes and others. With WordPress, you will not face any issue as it provides you with a user-friendly dashboard and make your shop look unique and attractive. Customization has also become easier with WordPress as doing it as simple as publishing a blog post.

WordPress has come a long way since its release. Several developers have been working continuously towards making it a powerful CMS. So you can feel free to develop any website with this platform.