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6 Recession Proof Small Business Ideas

Make Money Recession

It’s been a decade since the Great Recession of 2008. Things for small businesses in the United States are much better now than they were back then.

The thing about recessions is that you will have one every decade. There is just no way to guarantee that we will never have another recession again.

We remember how a number of small businesses were forced to shut shop because of the adverse economic conditions.  But there were still quite a few small businesses that did very well, despite the recession.

We take a look at these recession proof small businesses, which have always thrived regardless of the state of the economy.

#1: Bars.

What do people do when their economic future looks uncertain? They drown their sorrows with alcohol. Small businesses such as bars that sell beer, wine or liquor always do well, regardless of the state of the economy. They do well when things are looking good, and do just as well when things are bad. So why not start a bar of your own?

#2: Beauty Shops.

Here’s the truth about women. It doesn’t matter how bad things are at work, they will want to look great to the opposite sex. Beauty shops will always do well regardless of how the economy is doing. If you are a talented beautician, you will earn a good income for decades to come as long as you are good at your job and are great at customer service.

#3: Barbershop.

Barbershops have been around forever, long before the industrial revolution, even before the medieval times. Men will always need to cut their hair or shave/trim their beard. A good, trusted barber has seen it all – he has been through multiple recessions, seen wars, political protests and more. But none of that makes any difference to his business.

#4: Tattoo Parlor.

More and more young Americans are having tattoos. Tattoos are cool and they express what you truly feel. Tattoo parlors across the country reported an increase in business when the recent recession was at its hardest. If you are a talented tattoo artist, start your own tattoo shop – it’s a business that can never fail.

#5: Food trucks.

We love food trucks as a small business idea. It hardly costs anything to start a food truck business, just get an old van, park at a street corner and start selling food to people. Think about it – it doesn’t matter how the economy has been doing, when people get hungry, they will need food to eat. That’s not economics, that’s basic biology!

#6: Accounting firms.

Right, do you really think that just because the economy isn’t doing well the government wouldn’t mind if people don’t file their tax returns? You’re having a laugh! Accountants will always be in demand, no matter how the economy has been doing, good or bad. So why don’t you learn accounting in school, pick up a CPA and start accounting shop right away? You’ll make money from day one.

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